Test Tokens (Faucets)

A faucet is the site/place where you can get testnet tokens. Faucets are available for the Niskala testnet accounts in the form of KPGT. Use them to make sure your wallet has enough assets to cover the cost of deployment and pay transaction gas.

What is the KPGT faucet for?

Tokens on Mandala Chain Testnets like Niskala do not have any real-world value besides experimenting with the features on the network.

How to get KPGT faucet?

Please contact our support team by sending a testnet token faucets request via support@mandalachain.io email, and our team will gladly help you.

Please remember that our team will NEVER DM you first, and we NEVER ASK for your money in exchange for the faucets!

If you get approached by someone pretending to be part of the team, do NOT engage with them. Instead, please contact us using our official support email mentioned above.

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