XCM and Interoperability


XCM, short for the cross-consensus message, is a format, not a protocol, which is developed by Parity Technology. The format does not assume anything about the receiver or sender's consensus mechanism; it only cares about the format in which the messages must be structured. The XCM format is how parachains will be able to communicate with one another. Different from XCMP, which is short for cross-chain messaging protocol, XCM is what gets delivered, and XCMP is the delivery mechanism. The best way to learn more about XCM is by reading the specification (hyper-link above).


A blockchain bridge is a connection allowing arbitrary data to be transferred from one network to another. These chains are interoperable through the bridge but can exist as standalone chains with different protocols, rules, and governance models. In Mandala Chain, bridges connect to the Relay Chain and are secured through the Polkadot consensus mechanism, maintained by collators.

Mandala Chain uses bridges to bridge the future of Web 3.0, as bridges are fundamental to Mandala Chain's interoperable architecture by acting as a [secure and robust] communication channel for chains in isolation.

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