Network RPC endpoints

What is RPC Node?

  • RPC nodes can be queried for information and used to initiate transactions.

  • The purpose of RPC nodes is to allow decentralized applications and clients to communicate with a Blockchain network.

  • RPC nodes listen for requests, respond with the necessary data, or execute the requested transaction.

  • Common usage of RPC nodes includes querying the Blockchain for information, sending transactions, and executing smart contract functions.

  • RPC nodes are important for decentralized applications to function and interact with a Blockchain network, allowing for decentralized exchange and other use cases.

Public Endpoints


The free endpoints below are dedicated to end users, they can be used to interact with dApps or deploy/call smart contracts.

They limit the rate of API calls, so they are not suitable for high demand, such as a dApp UI constantly scraping blockchain data or an indexer.


To meet the demands of a production dApp, we provide you with our integration layer called Dhatu. Please refer to Dhatu documentation for more details.

Public endpoint Niskala


Mandala Chain






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